Jewelry Care

Fashion Jewelry offers a great way to stay trendy with a variety of versatile accessories and pieces that you can add to your wardrobe at a low cost.

Most Glam Expressway pieces are gold plated, which means that they have been electro-chemically processed in a way that combines a layer of solid gold with copper, brass, alloy, or some other base metal.

There is no reason that your Glam Expressway Jewelry shouldn't last you for years to come if you follow some simple steps in order to prevent your items from tarnishing, scratching, or breaking. Fashion Jewelry usually tarnishes when it makes repeated contact with oil, salt, or moisture. These elements cause oxidization. In order to avoid this;

Put on your Glam Expressway Jewelry last when getting dressed to avoid contact with soap, perfume, body spray, lotion, oil, hair spray and other cosmetics.

Never wear your Glam Expressway Fashion Jewelry in the pool, sea, ocean, bath or shower. Don't wear your fashion jewelry to workout. Take your fashion rings off before washing your hands.

Keep your Glam Expressway pieces and other costume jewelry separated in a dry, cool, dust free environment such as a ziploc sandwich bag or a jewelry pouch. This also ensures that the items won't get tangled or corrode one another.

We recommend cleaning your Glam Expressway Jewelry with a soft cloth frequently to minimize contact with corrosive agents. Windex sprayed onto a soft cloth is a great way to let your crystals shine. Just remember not to spray the jewelry directly.

Some people opt to create a barrier between their fashion jewelry and the chemicals in their skin by spraying their jewelry with an acrylic sealer from an aerosol spray can (typically used in nail salons or found in hardware stores.) This can be done as a protective measure on some types of fashion jewelry but this is not recommended for our fine jewelry pieces.

Fashion Jewelry is not meant to last forever but with some TLC and these tips, you will be giving your collection the chance to last a lifetime!

With Love,
The Glam Expressway Team